We're Opening a Tasting Room, Part 3

Backstory if this is your first time here - we're opening a Tasting Room (I know, duh), and while things are going well, we're going to be down to the wire on an opening date. Until we know for sure, we're using our blog to keep all of our fans (we see you, all 17 of you who are looking at the blogs), abreast of what's happening, when we might be able to say "we're opening!" and other fun stuff. THIS PAST WEEK: The most action has happened in this particular area - That's right folks - we're PUTTING IN A KITCHEN! We won't be a full on restaurant, there's only a few of us, but we wanted to be able to offer some food with your wine (or just food, period). Our menu will be simple, we're embraci

We're Getting There

We're Opening a Tasting Room, Part 2 If you've somehow stumbled onto this blog without reading previous blogs & know nothing - you can catch up here. A brief summation - we're opening a Tasting Room. We don't know when it'll be complete. We're doing weekly updates here as things progress. So, what's happened this past week? Entire Tasting Room has been fully painted, except ceiling (sorry, no pictures, waiting for the ceiling to get finished). We got our sign for the building! Right now it may look a little weird since it still has it's protective coating on, but once it's up it'll be fantastic! It's steel and we used a great local fabricator to have it made. We're excited to get it on the f

It's Happening!

If you haven't heard - we're opening a Tasting Room! Our space will be in Prosser's Vintner's Village, just off I-82. We debated a few different locations, but decided to stay true to our roots and continue to make our wonderful wines in Prosser; now with tasting! Our goal is to open before Thanksgiving (if we're really lucky, a few weeks or more before). We'll keep posting developments weekly, here. Follow along and see where we're at. To date: We're taking a spot within a building that was built by the Port of Benton. The main work was done already, but it was mostly a shell. So far we've applied for various licensing (and some has been approved already - including the most important one -

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