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We're Opening a Tasting Room, part 5

It's so close, we can taste it!

A lot has happened in the past few days. Last week was somewhat unexciting (but important) - our floors are done, sealed and ready to receive the many (we hope) footprints to come. It didn't make for a very interesting blog. But the past few days some very noticeable action has taken place:

We have a sign!

The 25 foot grapevine got some new clothes (a spray to protect and preserve her).

And then she was installed on our wall, and our lights are finally all in!

What's up next? Our bar - which should go fast once the cabinet maker is done. And to get signed off on all our various permits, which we hope to begin to wrap up this week now that the main functioning parts of the building are done and installed.

We're feeling confident we'll be open Thanksgiving weekend, and we're hopeful, even sooner - so stay tuned! We can't wait to show this space off to everyone.

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