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So many of us in the Wine Industry love this industry because it's pretty inclusive in terms of creeds and beliefs. Our business is a good example -there's three of us and we're a walking joke waiting to happen - a socialist, a liberal and a conservative walk into a bar. If you know us, you'll know Tom's the socialist (joke punchline - also, so he won't hate me, not true.). The wine industry is one that brings people together to make a product that brings joy to people - how cool is that?

As others, this week, in our industry have pointed out - it's a white, male industry. Female winemakers and viticulturists have made a recent impact (go Jessica!), but it's still very white, like us. The national conversation that's erupted is important and it's important for our industry to acknowledge. It's also worth mentioning, while we try to maintain an apolitical stance - this shouldn't be considered a political matter. We should all want to seek justice and a dismantling of our systematic racism. As a show of respect and out of solidarity with black, POC, and first peoples we have put a hold on our livestream for today. We want to encourage the hard conversations to be had, for POC voices to be heard. We can and must do better. If you'd like to learn more, below are some links to free articles worth your time that address first person accounts, discussion of race, and historical information.

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