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Deep Discounts

Let's face it - a reason to join wine clubs is to get your favorite wines at a discount. We offer great discounts so you can enjoy our wine year-round. See below for specific discounts per club level.

Wine Farm
Spring, Fall, & Winter Releases

Three automatic releases per year in March (spring), September (fall), and December (winter). We keep things consistent and release at the start of each of these months. 


Each release selection is made and chosen by winemaker Jessica. But we know that sometimes you're yearning for a different wine. We allow (and encourage) substitutions prior to charging. We even allow you to skip a release. This is something to cheers about!

What is your wine club and how does it work?
If you're new to the world of wine clubs, it's very similar to a wine subscription. You're agreeing to receive wine club releases, automatically, in exchange you get great benefits (and wine)! Our wine club includes three releases per year. Please see below for examples of what to expect per release and corresponding benefits. 

How long am I a member for?
As long as you want! We have wine club members that have been with us prior to having a Tasting Room, and we have wine club members that take advantage of a short trial. We love em all. Our detailed rules and requirements follow under 'important policy information', one of which is our requirement that you receive a minimum of two wine club releases, or a cancelation fee will apply. 

I don't live in the area, can my wine club release be shipped?
Absolutely! In fact, a benefit of our wine club is FREE SHIPPING for out of area members (outside of a 40 mile radius to our tasting room). 


I live in the area - do you have wine club parties?
Yes/No - we have a very small tasting room and cannot host a typical wine club release party you may be used to from bigger wineries. However, we make this up by offering monthly Wine Club Dinners - hosted by our winemaker Jessica - available to wine club members for a steal. We also host 'flights & bites' the entire month of each release where local members can come pick up their wine, receive a flight of said wine with special food pairings (simple, but unique and fun). We make this available the entire month so everyone has an opportunity to come collect and experience these tasty treats!

I want to gift a membership - is that possible?
You bet! Contact and let her know, she'll be in contact with you to discuss details and length of membership. 

IMPORTANT POLICY INFORMATION: Must be 21+ to join. Members may cancel at any time, after receiving two (2) wine club releases. Club cannot be canceled immediately after being charged. To cancel, a written request in an email with a confirmation is required. If cancelation requirements are not met, a $75 cancelation fee will be applied. No return on wine. Wine club members may skip a release per calendar year. Two skipped releases result in automatic cancelation. Wine substitutions are allowed by time period outlined in emails and on this page. Wine cannot be switched out after charged, or upon pick up. Wautoma Springs reserves the right to remove anyone from their Wine Club for any reason. 

Wine Club FAQ 


Membership Details

6-Bottle Club

Receive 6 bottles per release in March, September, and December. 

  • 15% any-time bottle discount

  • 15% in-house food menu discount

  • 50% discounted tasting or flight fees (first round) for you and 2 guests

  • 30% case discount (on 12+ bottles)

  • FREE SHIPPING on wine club release*

  • Wine Club only sales & specials

  • Invites to Wine Club Dinners and activities


Estimated cost per shipment: $180, or $204 for red-only selection 

12-Bottle Club

Receive 12-bottles per shipment in March, September, and December. 

  • 30% any-time bottle discount

  • 15% in-house food menu discount

  • Complimentary tasting or flight fee (first round per visit)  for you and 2 guests

  • FREE SHIPPING on wine club release*

  • Extra discounting on most Wine Club sales & specials

  • Invites to special 12-bottle member only purchasing opportunities (last of vintage, library, etc)

  • Invites to Wine Club Dinners and activities

Estimated cost per shipment: $295, or $336 for red-only selection

*free shipping applies to wine club members who live outside of our 'local members' - 40 mile radius of our Prosser Tasting Room. If you're local we welcome you to pick up your wines from our tasting room, or we can ship to you, at cost. We cannot offer free shipping to AK or HI residents and apologize in advance. 

For pick up at the Prosser Tasting Room, or wine shipped to CA, FL, ID, MN, MT, OR, WA or DC 

For shipping to AK**, AZ, CO, GA, HI**, IA, IL, IN, KS, LA, MA, MD, ME, MO, NC, ND, NE, NH, NM, NV, NY, OH, OK, PA, SC, TN, TX, VA, VT, WV, WY

If your state is not listed, it means we are not able to ship to you. We apologize. 

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