We have two levels to our wine club, and it's simple - choose how many bottles of wine you'd like from us, the more you receive, the greater the discounts. We have two releases annually, one in May and one in October. 

SIX BOTTLES - Receive two bottles of each wine released, get 15% off, 30% off closed cases.

CASE - Receive 4 bottles of each wine released, get 30% off


You may choose red only option if you wish.

We can direct ship to Oregon, Idaho, California, Montana, and Washington DC. We're adding more states to our shipping, if your state is not on this list - stay tuned (or contact us)! Once you fill out the application below you'll hear from us shortly to obtain some important information. Fee to join? We ask you take the most current wine club release (or similar if we're out of wine), to begin your membership benefits. Club release ranges from $150 to $333 depending on club level and options.