This is the place to come if you have questions - we'll answer them. We're adding to this as queries come in, so come on back, ye hear?

Where's your Tasting Room?

Vintner's VIllage, Prosser WA Come visit us at Suite C - 236 Port Ave, Prosser WA 99350 We're located in the Birthplace of Washington Wine, the charming town of Prosser. Our Tasting Room features a large grapevine from Wautoma Springs Vineyard, contemporary design and doubles as a Conservas Bar (tinned fish). Need a snack? Some delicious wines? We've got you covered!

What states can you ship to?

If you buy directly from us? California, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Washington DC.
We're working on more registrations for Direct to Consumer shipping licenses. If you're not familiar with such things - a winery cannot ship wine to just any state and it's difficult at our small level to afford the bonds and fees required. But we're working on it - if you live out of area, please let us know you're interested in our wine and, if possible, we'll get to work on it! Please note a few states are simply impossible to ship to. If you live in such a state, we suggest writing your state legislators.

What Wines do you Make?

You can visit our WIne page to learn more about our current releas wines, but we do often sell out of our small lot wines. Right now we're making a Reserve Malbec (Inky), Reserve Cabernet (Behemoth), Clone Specific Cabernet (Professor), Malbec/Cabernet blend (El Prat), Sauvignon blanc, and Rosé. We have a couple of more wines on the docket - but we'll always focus on Cab, Malbec & Sauvignon blanc - three of our favorites, and three that we think show so well from Washington.