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Father's Day!

Sunday, June 16th Noon to 5 pm

Bring your dad in for a treat on us! We also have lots of goodies for your special guy - gift baskets, wine (duh), fun grilling spices, gourmet salami, cheese, amazing chocolates - Wautoma Spring's baseball cap!?! 

Something for everyone. And if you want to treat your dad, bring him in for a delicious lunch or afternoon snack. Full food menu available the entire weekend!

Dad Gift Baskets! 

We have these 4 great baskets ready to go, but if you'd like to customize a basket, or build your own, we can make that happen! Box/ribbon/filler are FREE when contents of basket are $50+ ($12 value!).

And while we had 'dad' in mind for these gift baskets - they're great for many people (and make fun wedding gifts too!)

Gin & Tonic

One of the best things to drink during the heat of summer is a classic G&T - we love the stuff, and know we're not alone. We celebrate the classic cocktail with this basket. our 2022 Albariño is a gin-lover's white wine with super dry, salty, citrus notes. We've paired it with rosemary crackers, sardines in mixed citrus, dark chocolate bar with yuzu citrus, a dark chocolate gin & tonic bar (yep, for real - and it's for real delicious) and hidden in this basket is a gin & tonic lapel pin, for the real ones.  

$65.12 or $57.62 for Wine Club members


Sunny Days

Happy little basket that features some 'fruits' of summer (corn, buckwheat), a bit of heat (spice), and just some extra num for those foodies in your life. Our food-friendly 2020 Professor shines here and pairs perfectly with the Duck & Pork Pate! We've included more pork in the form of a chorizo inspired shelf stable salami from Tempesta. One of our favorite new chocolates - Ocelot - with their milk chocolate buckwheat; super dreamy milk chocolate that deosn't taste overly sweet is paried with the fun crunch of good-for- you buckwheat. And finally, two of our best sellers to round it all out- Ekone (WA state!) smoked oysters in lemon-pepper flavor, and spicy corn nuts from Spain. 

$74.12 or $66.95 for Club Members



Basket name says it all - these truly are some of our favorites here at Wautoma Springs! This is the last bottle of 2020 Lil Inky! We love this guy - big, fruity, easy drinking. We also love these dark chocolate covered dried oranges. If you know, you know (and if you don't you should because they're amazing). Conservas de cambodas makes our favorite sardines. Nothing fancy here- no added spices or techniques, just super great quality, freshly canned sardines in premium olive oil. The Blueberry Sumac jam from Brins is lovely - deep, intense blueberry flavor while the sumac adds bright acidity to keep it from being too sweet. Finally, Barnacle Food's "Everything'  seasoning is something that we put on, well, everything!

$81.29 or $71.51  for wine club members

Well Seasoned

We went for flavor bombs in this basket. First up -2020 El Prat - loaded with tons of juicy fruit notes, this big guy seems to only be getting better with age. Next is Tempesta's waygu beef salami. And then two items from our friends at San Juan Island Sea Salt - their solar powdered sea salt and madrona smoked black pepper. Next up is Shine On Honey Company's 'you betcha!" hot honey - delicious on so many things - pizza, burgers, fried chicken, cheeses, crackers...or try it in a marinade or dressing. And finally, Ocelot Chocolate Black Cherry - intense cherry flavor in amazing dark chocolate. 

$91.58 or $82.58 for Wine Club Members

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