We like to save paper - and figured having a place to go to for all things wine club would be easier and a quick reference. Enjoy!

If you're a current wine club member and you have questions, need to update your credit card, or anything else wine club related, please email


April 26 - Last date to make changes, requests

April 26 - Last day to cancel or hold - please email

May 1 - Members Charged

May 1 - Wine available for pick up

May 3- Shipped Wine Club boxes go out

Local delivery is available for wine club members within 50 miles of Prosser - Free - we'll be in touch. 

ENTIRE MONTH OF MAY - Wine club members and two of their guests will receive free flight of the release wine and a small sample plate of food pairings - (redeemable once). We encourage members to make reservations for this. 

Wines: Long Vine, Fork & Spoon, Rosé  [Red Only members will recieve additional bottles of Long Vine, Fork & Spoon]

Wines: 2017 Inky, 2017 Lil' Inky, 2019 Sauvignon blanc  [Red Only Option- 2017 El Prat]


Thanksgiving! Seriously - not only would all these wines be a perfect placement on your Thanksgiving table, but we suggest waiting until around them to enjoy them. They were bottled the last part of Septemeber and need some time. If you need to open them now, we highly advise using a decanter and swirling the wine around and pouring it back into a bottle a few times. There's also the 'turbo' decanting method of pouring about a glass out of the bottle, then putting the cork back in and shaking it vigorously. 

Sauvignon blanc - is good to enjoy! Pop that in the fridge and enjoy with seafood, chicken, and pork dishes. We also love it with the end of summer fruits and vegetables - roasted tomato and squash, butternut soup, etc. Cheers!