We like to save paper - and figured having a place to go to for all things wine club would be easier and a quick reference. Enjoy!

If you're a current wine club member and you have questions, need to update your credit card, or anything else wine club related, please email

Fall 2020 Important Dates:

Sept. 28 - Last date to make changes, requests

Sept. 29 - Last day to cancel - please email

Oct 1 - Members Charged

Oct 2 - Wine available for pick up

Oct 5 - Shipped Wine Club boxes go out

Wines: 2017 Inky, 2017 Lil' Inky, 2019 Sauvignon blanc  [Red Only Option- 2017 El Prat]


Thanksgiving! Seriously - not only would all these wines be a perfect placement on your Thanksgiving table, but we suggest waiting until around them to enjoy them. They were bottled the last part of Septemeber and need some time. If you need to open them now, we highly advise using a decanter and swirling the wine around and pouring it back into a bottle a few times. There's also the 'turbo' decanting method of pouring about a glass out of the bottle, then putting the cork back in and shaking it vigorously. 

Sauvignon blanc - is good to enjoy! Pop that in the fridge and enjoy with seafood, chicken, and pork dishes. We also love it with the end of summer fruits and vegetables - roasted tomato and squash, butternut soup, etc. Cheers!

Wines: 2017 Behemoth, 2017 Professor, 2019 Rosé, Red Only - 2016 El Prat


ROSE´ PAIRING: Spring Pea Ravioli the flavors of this dish compliments the dry Rosé perfectly and it's a delightful spring pairing. Ravioli not up your ally (or too complicated) try this recipe for just the sauce with your favorite noodles. For other pairings - pair with more pasta dishes, salads, grilled fish or white meats, or simply enjoy sipping patio-side.
PROFESSOR PAIRING: Cheesecake.  Really. Cabernet and cheesecake go together in an unexpected way, especially with our shape-shifting Professor. You probably have a favorite cheesecake recipe, but if you're looking for a classic, easy version, click the link. If dessert isn't your thing - pair Professor with pretty much anything (fish, gamey meats, vegetarian meals).
BEHEMOTH PAIRING: Pastitsio. This would normally be a recipe we'd share for the fall release, but everyone could use some comfort food right now, and as far as comfort food goes, Pastitsio is tip-top. The creamy, tomatoey, beef pasta dish pairs great with our big, bold Behemoth. You can also pair Behemoth with grilled red meats, strong cheeses, and roasted meats.