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We like to save paper - this page is updated with current and upcoming release information, tech sheets, food pairings and more!

If you're a current wine club member and you have questions, need to update your credit card or anything else wine club-related, please email

Curated Box Club

Next box will be released May 2024. Box Theme: Picnic! - Items to enhance eating on the go (also great for quick weeknight dinners/treats).  If you'd like to skip or cancel, please email

Traditional Wine Club



3/25/24: Last day to request shipping, changes/replacements for your wine club allocations AND Last day to request a skip or cancel - please do so in writing to the above email (Shae)
4/1/24: Cards automatically charged/Invoices sent out (no April fool's joke!)
4/4/24: Wine available for pick up from our Tasting Room & Flights & Bites Begin (see below)
4/8/24: Ship wine Club Wines (weather pending)  - let us know if you need your wine held. We’ll be watching the weather - we may need to ship in groups depending on cold weather.

ENTIRE MONTH OF APRIL - Wine club members and two of their guests will receive free flight of the released wine and a small sample plate of food pairings - (redeemable once). We encourage members to make reservations. Please give us 24 hour notice of dietary restrictions/allergies.  Pairing includes fish, chocolate, and cheese.

Wines: 2023 Albariño, 2021 El Prat, 2021 Long Vine
Membership & wine breakdown:

3-bottle members will receive: 1 Albariño, 1 El Prat, 1 Long Vine
6-bottle members will receive: 2 Albariño, 2 El Prat, 2 Long Vine

12-bottle members will receive: 4 Albariño, 4 El Prat, 4 Long Vine
Red Only 3-bottle members: 2 El Prat, 1 Long Vine
Red Only 6-bottle members: 3 El Prat, 3 Long Vine

Red Only 12-bottle Members: 6 El Prat, 6 Long Vine


Food & Wine pairing note from Rachel

2023 Albariño - this vintage of Albariño isn't quite as 'bright' as the last vintage. There's still tons of acid, though! This makes it a very friendly food wine. Pairs with sweet to savory. You can go 'weird' with things like gamey meats (lamb) or stick to traditional pairings with fresh seafood, especially slightly spicy ceviche. For the March wine club dinner, we started with a very simple version of  Avgolemono which was one of those perfect-pairing moments with the Albariño. The soup is sour with lots green notes from the dill. It worked well with the Albariño - shaping it into this almost full-bodied creamy wine?! It was so cool, wanted to share a recipe of the soup here. This is not the version I made, but very similar and more hearty with some cooked chicken added. This can easily be a vegetarian soup with vegetable stock subbed out for chicken stock and skip the added chicken (honestly doesn't need it!). One note on the rice. A medium grain rice, like calrose  is what I'd use,  but the beauty of a recipe like this is to mix things you may have on hand to make a delicious soup. Sub homemade stock for store bought - but please don't skimp on the fresh dill (a must!) Recipe here.

2021 El Prat - Another beautiful vintage of our best selling wine! This is always a great table wine going well with fish (soy glazed salmon), to steak, to pizza, to your favorite fast food. It's almost grilling season so I encourage you to get out those grills, hamburger and a bottle of El Prat - equally delicious with grilled veg like mushrooms, zucchini and eggplant. However, if you're looking for something a tad different, and hopefully new to you - a fun recipe to try is Hambagu - Japanese hamburger. It's like if meatloaf and Swiss steak had a delicious baby. What's also cool about hambagu, it doesn't take long, but if you're a fan of meal-prepping - these reheat far better than a grilled, regular hamburger. Recipe here

2021 Long Vine - This is a BIG wine for this vintage - but it's VERY well balanced, so even with the fruit and tannin explosion, it's stupidly drinkable. And because of this, it's surprisingly easy to pair with. I don't find many wines that challenging, in terms of pairings, but the exception is the 'big guys'. On one hand it's super easy - throw a lamb chop in a hot cast iron skillet with loads of salt and peppercorns- and you've got a stunning meal. But recommending lamb, or a t-bone, over and over gets a tad boring, not to mention leaving out our friends who don't (or can't) eat red meat. This wine is great with a wide variety of cheeses, would be great with lots of vegetable dishes (winter squash to garlicky broccoli). How I'd serve it? A 'meze' - hummus, zhoug, hard boiled eggs with spices, olives, dolmas - here are some great ideas to make your own meze - recipes here. 

Next Traditional Wine Club Release - FALL 9/24 

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