We like to save paper - and figured having a place to go to for all things wine club would be easier and a quick reference. Enjoy!

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Wines: 2016 Inky, 2016 Professor, 2018 Sauvignon blanc


SAUV BLANC PAIRING: Green Goddess Dressing with...anything. How? Green Goddess is a great dressing/dip to have on had, especially when you make it fresh. Sauv blanc loves these bright, green flavors, so this time of year when you might not have access to your own fresh herbs, use parsley, cilantro and basil. Use as a dip, a dressing, on top of baked fish, add more olive oil to create a pasta sauce. 
PROFESSOR PAIRING: Beef & Barley Soup This is a great, affordable, filling soup recipe to have in your arsenal for these cool months. The Professor is a very easy drinking, beautiful Cabernet that will go with a wide range of foods, and the bright fruits will counter-balance the umami of the mushroom/tomato base of this soup. 
INKY PAIRING: Rosemary Roasted Leg of Lamb. One of the easiest roast to make, with a huge payoff, people tend to over-look lamb, but we encourage you to try this recipe. Especially with a bottle of Inky on hand. The deep fruit flavors pair beautifully with lamb and the aromatics of the rosemary match the floral elements of Inky, perfectly. 

Wines: 2016 Behemoth, 2015 El Prat, 2018 Rosé


ROSE´ PAIRING: Anchovy Butter with radishes. How? Try this butter with radishes, or spread on baguette with sliced radishes on top - sea or kosher salt helps elevate. Why? The umami from the anchovy and fat in the butter help mellow out the heat of radishes, while keeping things very springy and fresh. All these flavors call for something drinkable, light, dry and refreshing - that's our Rosé!
EL PRAT PAIRING: Burger with Beetroot and Blue Cheese. How? Try the recipe link; if that looks too complicated, go super simple with canned beets, sliced, and a crumbling of blue cheese over your burger while it cooks. Why? This is a bit of a nod to the fact that both Jessica and Rachel have spent some time in Australia - and in parts of Australia, canned beetroot is added to burgers.The earthiness of beets add a great additional flavor - these are big burgers with big flavors, to go with our not so subtle El Prat. 
BEHEMOTH PAIRING: NY Strip Steak & Za'atar Sauce. How? Cook your steak to your liking, preferably on the grill. Add a slathering of the Za'atar dip/sauce. Why? Grilled steak and Cab is beautiful, but when you've got such a playful Cab, it's fun to add a strong, zippy, sauce to enhance the steak and the wine. Chimichurri has been very popular for a while, Za'atar is the earthy, moodier cousin and it's even better with wine.