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We like to save paper - this page is updated with current and upcoming release information, tech sheets, food pairings and more!

If you're a current wine club member and you have questions, need to update your credit card or anything else wine club-related, please email

Curated Box Club

Next box will be released November 2023. Box Theme: TBD.  If you'd like to skip or cancel, please email

Traditional Wine Club



8/25/23: Last day to request shipping, changes/replacements for your wine club allocations 

8/29/23: Last day to request a skip or cancel - please do so in writing to the above email (Shae)
9/1/23: Cards automatically charged/Invoices sent out
9/1/23: Wine available for pick up from our Tasting Room & Flights & Bites Begin (see below)
9/4/23 Ship wine Club Wines  - let us know if you need your wine held. We’ll be watching the weather - we may need to ship in groups depending on hot weather; we'll be in touch with you!

ENTIRE MONTH OF Sept (until Oct. 1) - Wine club members and two of their guests will receive free flight of the released wine and a small sample plate of food pairings - (redeemable once). We encourage members to make reservations. Pairings will include dairy and nuts - please give us 24 hour notice of dietary restrictions/allergies.  

Wines: 2022 Grenache blanc, 2020 Lil Inky, 2020 Inky 
Membership & wine breakdown:
6-bottle members will receive: 2 Grenache blanc, 2 Lil Inky, 2 Inky

12-bottle members will receive: 4 Grenache blanc, 4 Lil Inky, 4 Inky
Red Only 6-bottle members: 3 Lil Inky, 3 Inky

Red Only 12-bottle Members: 6 Lil Inky, 6 Inky


Food & Wine pairing note from Rachel

Grenache blanc: Still learning about this wine (tough job, I know). When I first tried this wine I couldn't get over how much it tasted like Korean Melon; so much so that I had to buy a Korean Melon and try it side by side. It has that beautiful melon/fruity quality matched by very floral notes, but neither is in your face. What I've found with this wine is that it works very well with things that are just slightly sweet - cheese with honey or jam, fresh fruit, fresh tomatoes. AND - it also works with things that have a LOT of spices - curries, satay, pho, spiced meat. Since this is a dry, high alcohol wine - avoid anything too spicy (we tried, worked better than we thought, but amped up the alcohol effect!) and anything too sweet. 


Lil Inky:  This wine has been, and continues to be, our 'take-out star' - meaning you can pair it with your quick/easy take-away meals and elevate the occasion very quickly with this bottle of wine. Great with pizza (both red and white sauce versions), burgers, fried chicken, birria, stir-fries, and more. Obviously, even better if these are home-made fairs, but we love the idea of this bottle of wine helping you enjoy a quick meal on a busy weeknight!

Inky: I'm not just making this recommendation because this is our Reserve Malbec, or because it's more expensive, but because it's the best way to showcase this wine: Steak. It's not very creative or unique, but there's a reason it works. This wine is perfectly balanced, big wine with lots of tannins and acid and alcohol - it needs big, fatty protein to shine. Would also be great with pork belly, lamb chops and for plant based folks out there try with mushrooms, especially great with some sort of black pepper rub. 

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