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When Jessica and Tom decided to fully dive into the wine they knew it was time for an update on labels. They loved their old labels, however, both wanted to explore unique names and stories for the wines. This desire increased after Jessica worked the the label artist on the white wine labels and they wanted a look that would compliment, and were lucky enough to find an artist in Prosser to help.


INKY - Reserve Malbec
Jessica knew she wanted an octopus or squid on our Malbec. For one, our Malbec is incredibly dark in color. For second,  lot of people have this image of Malbec being fun and fruity. Our's isn't. Dark, earthy, inky - and thus, "Inky" was born. 

Tales of the deep revolving around our friendly cephalopods is a common thing (probably because they're aliens), but when Jessica and Tom needed a theme for the rest of their wines - they were coming up blank. Then Rachel began to wax-poetic on her favorite novel and it dawned on them - we have wine names.


BEHEMOTH - Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
For those that haven't read the 20th century's greatest novel (subjective, sure, but I'm right), The Master and Margarita tells the tale of Satan arriving in Moscow during Stalin's rule. He brings his entourage with him, including a talking, vodka-drinking-pickled-mushroom-eating black cat named Behemoth. Behemoth is the comic of the group - the best jester the world has ever seen, the levity to the story, the obvious out-of-place character. May seem like a strange name for our Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon - but this is how we'd describe him if we avoided the typical wine descriptors. Our Cab is suprisingly playful (rose petals & pretty acidity) while also being brutish (big flavors, lots of tannins). There are lots of Washington Cabs out there but it takes talent to stand out. And a sense of humor makes it better. 


PROFESSOR - Single Clone Cabernet Sauvignon (clone 338)

Another nod to our favorite Russian novel, Woland (aka Satan), or the mysterious professor in the book, is never seen the same by anyone (some call him short, some say he’s giant), a shrouded figure. His appearance is not only different to different people, but he shows nobility and kindness to some, while bringing swift punishment to others.  We feel the same about this new clone of Cab (often referred to as the king of grapes). Not that there's any dark magic here, however, it almost seems that way with this wine. It changes descriptors with the setting and food pairing. While showing deep, dark, notes and characters one minute, then drinking incredibly well with seafood the next. It's a paradox - in a good way. As the vintages progress and the vines mature, we know this Cab will emerge as a standout, clever, leader, and probably our best wine.

After coming up with names and labels for some of these wines that felt kinda 'new', Tom and Jessica realized they had their original - and it needed a facelift.

cdd_wautoma_facelabel_elprat (1).jpg

El Prat - Cabernet Sauvignon/Malbec Blend

If people happen to recognize Wautoma Springs, it's thanks to El Prat. Jessica and Tom like to refer to this wine as their "OG" wine. A unique blend for this part of the world - almost 50/50 Cab/Malbec blend (varies by vintage), a terrific table wine that highlights Jessica's love for Malbec and Tom's genius at growing Cabernet - all in the same bottle. "El Prat" means the prairie  in Catalan. Jessica's love of Spain (Catalonia in particular) and a fitting word for our part of the world resulted in a fun name for the OG red blend. When it was time to update the label, Jessica asked the artist to think weeds, seed pods and grasses that we find in our landscape here. 

And now for the newbies - wines labeled post-2020. We're playing around with a few different varietals and look forward to coming up with names and labels.


Fork + Spoon - Reserve Cabernet Franc

Jessica and Rachel sat down to contemplate a label for the Cabernet Franc and went through a whole range of ideas, until it dawned on Rachel that they were missing the most obvious - food. Cabernet Franc is a food-lovers dream of a wine, but seems to miss the hype that Pinot Noir claims as the best table wine. A medium bodied wine (even the Reserve version), coupled with great acidity and elegant tannins - one can pair this wine with a huge assortment of food. But why Fork + Spoon in particular? Because, in Rachel's opinion, the very best foods to enjoy with Cabernet Franc on the ones you eat with a fork in one hand and a spoon in another - rich stews, hearty soups, cassoulets, vegetable gratins, slow roasted meats, and the like. We told the artist our name and she came up with this awesome design. We love it, and it embodies so much of our goal - enjoy life, relish it, and makes sure you're eating and drinking well while you're at it!



We knew Lottie Parker via industry stuff, but it took a bit to realize she had a hidden talent - making awesome art work. We're incredibly happy, proud and smitten with the labels she created.

Lottie's Bio - 

Parker received her MFA in Arts Leadership from Seattle University in Seattle, WA and holds a BFA in Printmaking from Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, WA. She has shown regionally at the Karen Phillips Gallery, the Columbia Center for the Arts, and the Downtown Tacoma Block Party among others.

Parker currently resides in Southeastern Washington where she enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband, fly fishing, hiking, and cooking. By day, she is as a grant writer and fundraising consultant for nonprofit organizations throughout the Pacific Northwest.

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