What's a heritage garden? Gardens devoted to using native plants indigenous to your area. The obvious reasons for planting; tend to be low-water, attract and sustain native insects and birds, and low maintenance. But a less obvious reason is they're a way to offer something very unique and different in your typical line up of lawns and shrubs. With our white wine series, we've decided to celebrate this new trend by featuring some of our favorite native plants on our white wine labels. We hope you enjoy these beauties - both the labels and the wines. 

If you're interested in planting a heritage garden there are lot of great resources out there, including if you live in our area - the Columbia Basin - there are free services to help you get started. To learn more please visit: Heritage Gardens of the Columbia Basin

Sauvignon blanc

Art: Arrowleaf Balsamroot

Why: We can't tell you why, exactly, but when thinking of native plants to represent our Sauvignon blanc, we kept coming back to Arrowleaf Balsamroot. It could be that when it blooms it is at the height of many things blooming in the Columbia Basin and there's a unique 'spring' smell that's hard to describe unless you've stood in the brush during spring - grassy, herbal, fresh, bright. While this plant doesn't give off much aroma, it's the image sight for these spring smells. Smells that we find in our Sauvignon blanc. Or it could be that this plant is always a sure bet. You can always find this wild flower, clinging to cliffs, in the middle of rocks, pushing it's way through invasive species - never giving up. Sauvignon blanc is a little like that, too. A bright, happy, scrappy wine. 


Art: Longleaf Phlox

Why: Many people glance at this label and think single petal roses - but a closer  look will give you an up close drawing of many people's favorite spring flower in this area. This was an easy choice for the native flower artwork series. During the spring, Longleaf Phlox burst forth with colors of soft almost white, pink to shocking pink. These pink beauties always bring a smile to one's face, just like our Rosé!