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What's in our Pantry: Sardines

To avoid too much commentary on these trying times we will put it plainly; this isn't what any of us wanted for 2020.

We thought a fun, and perhaps, helpful thing we could do is talk about some of the meals we're having, including items that are in our pantry, as we're all encouraged to stay home, utilize those food products pushed far back in those cupboards, and cook probably more than you've ever cooked. Some friends have been copping with their own meal prepping anxiety with kids home, the need to cook 3 square meals a day, etc.

This week's offering - Sardines! We love 'em - and we have many offerings of tinned seafood (or conservas) in our store, but what of the more humble offering? The classic Sardine? You can spend some money on really good quality sardines, or just stock up at your local store - the ones on the grocery shelves are perfectly fine, but a tad more fishy, less refined than the more speciality ones.

However, that doesn't mean they don't make a mean meal. They're also incredibly good for you, so it's a great way to get some of those essential fats when we should all be avoiding daily trips to get fresh seafood.

Jessica found this 'recipe' (we use the term loosely as it's more putting things together) online and made it for her family the other night - it received 4 thumbs up (including two younger household members!).

Sardine bite with Wautoma Springs Sauvignon blanc


Country Bread

Sardines Red Onion

Basil Tomato


Olive Oil

Sea Salt Rub warm bread with a clove garlic and drizzle with good olive oil. Thinly slice tomatoes and place on bread, sprinkle with sea salt. Add sardines, and top with thinly sliced red onion and roughly chopped basil. Enjoy with Wautoma Springs Sauvignon blanc! ;)

Many substitutions could be made - use whatever bread you have on hand (or saltines, we *love* saltines and sardines). Use whatever fresh herbs you have on hand - parsley, cilantro, or something like tarragon which is coming up in my garden right now. Don't have big tomatoes? Cherry tomatoes would be great. Don't like tomatoes? Try cucumber instead. Don't have olive oil? Don't need it - could also use oil from the can if your sardines are packed in olive oil (if they're packed in water we don't recommend this). Don't like onion? Don't use them. so many ways to make these bites! We'll share more food pantry meals, including tinned seafood ideas, soon. Eat healthy, happy, and take care of yourself and loved ones!

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