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We're Opening a Tasting Room, Part 2

If you've somehow stumbled onto this blog without reading previous blogs & know nothing - you can catch up here. A brief summation - we're opening a Tasting Room. We don't know when it'll be complete. We're doing weekly updates here as things progress.

So, what's happened this past week?

Entire Tasting Room has been fully painted, except ceiling (sorry, no pictures, waiting for the ceiling to get finished).

We got our sign for the building!

Right now it may look a little weird since it still has it's protective coating on, but once it's up it'll be fantastic! It's steel and we used a great local fabricator to have it made. We're excited to get it on the front of the building!

You can also see in this picture, our mix of various equipment and boxes. We have almost every item ordered and most delivered. The place is filling up quickly.

And, finally, last week this area looked like this (not that exciting):

And now it looks like this!

Uh, yeah, yeah, still not the most exciting picture. But we are almost ready to reveal what this little corner is - let us know if you have a guess what we're doing in this part of the building!

Until next week - Cheers!

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