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It's Happening!

If you haven't heard - we're opening a Tasting Room!

Our space will be in Prosser's Vintner's Village, just off I-82. We debated a few different locations, but decided to stay true to our roots and continue to make our wonderful wines in Prosser; now with tasting!

Our goal is to open before Thanksgiving (if we're really lucky, a few weeks or more before). We'll keep posting developments weekly, here. Follow along and see where we're at.

To date:

We're taking a spot within a building that was built by the Port of Benton. The main work was done already, but it was mostly a shell. So far we've applied for various licensing (and some has been approved already - including the most important one - WINERY!), cut into the concrete, added pipes, filled in the concrete, wired our unit, and finished the drywall. An upstairs loft area is completely painted, and we've begun painting in the tasting room. We've also ordered and purchased tons of things that we're excited to revel as they are installed. Since we're a small winery we're keeping things hands on (uh, and affordable, since we're 'free' labor) as Rachel and Jessica have taken the lead in the interior design. Not our area of expertise, but it's been fun and we hope you enjoy our space once it's complete. Uh, should note we've hired an awesome contractor so the physical work hasn't been done by us. If we did it that way we'd be open in a few years and there would be a lot of youtube tutorials involved with questionable results. Below - top picture of something fun we're planning - any guesses? Bottom picture, our Tasting Room with the bar frame.

Any guesses what we might have going on here?

We'll try to keep this up weekly until we're open!

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