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Awesome Albariño

With our release of the 2021 Wautoma Springs Albariño and the harvest of our 2022 Albariño crop right around the corner, I’ve had Albariño on my mind. Earlier in August, I had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with some friends and taste through a beautiful line up of Albariños. We tasted Albariño from around the world and they were all truly spectacular.

Albariño originated in northeastern Portugal before being grown in the Rias Baixas area of Galicia in Spain. The rugged, green northwest coast of Spain is the perfect region to grow this citrusy, bright, fresh white wine. But it is beautifully produced in many grape growing regions around the world. Albariño is such a unique white wine. It is both floral and citrusy with minerality and acidity. It pairs beautifully with seafood and is meant to be drank young.

In our tasting, we had 6 Albariños from Rias Baixas, 1 from Portugal, 1 from Uruguay, and 1 from California. Of the 9 Albariños we tasted; I was surprised by the consistency between them all. There was not a single wine that stood out to be remarkably different in style to the rest. They all had lovely citrus notes with lots of minerality that was expressed by aromas and flavors of brine and crushed seashell. Honeysuckle and peach were common throughout the wines as well. And the best part? The most expensive wine out of the bunch as $24.

These wines were so enjoyable it got me thinking about our own Albariño; what I did during harvest last year and what I might change this year. Even though this summer has been incredibly hot, it can’t compare to the crazy heat of 2021. Last year we harvested our Albariño on August 27, 2021. This year we aren’t even considering harvest until well into September. 2022 started off very cool and very wet which has produced a full, lush canopy and a good crop of fruit. I am very excited about the quality of the fruit in our vineyards this year and will be dreaming about the Albariños I tasted in August as we bring in the 2022 vintage. Cheers! - Jessica Munnell, Winemaker & Owner


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