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It's coming up Pink!

We debated for months on adding white wines to our line up and finally decided we needed to. Yes. Needed.

While red wines are known for their complexity and aging value, white wines continue to be under-valued and dismissed. But not by us! We love white wines, especially white wines of the aromatic variety. The aromas are just as complex as reds and white wines are arguably easier to pair with food and provide a great thirst quench during spring and summer.

And, we're especially smitten with Rosé.

After settling on the fact we'd produce white wines, we wanted to incorporate a general philosophy into the the label series for our whites. After brainstorming name ideas and what not, completely unrelated, one of us mentioned wanting to find native mock orange to plant in their yard. The topic turned to heritage gardens, and then the natural beauties that we have in this arid landscape. Bingo - why not highlight these scrappy, beautiful flowers and plants? Like white wines, they tend to be undervalued. Thankfully, there seems to be a movement of planting heritage gardens, just as the top growing wine sales in the nation happens to be Rosé. Yes, Rosé - both flying off the shelves in grocery stores, and wineries are reporting more and more Rosé being shipped. We value both these trends and honor it in our new wines and label series.

Despite appearances, the flower featured on our Rosé label is not a rose, but a long-leafed phlox, also called 'sage pinks' by locals. At a distances their brief and showy blooming is incredible to see - fields of white, soft pink and bright pink, up close the happy little bunches of phlox are compact and favor the shade of of sagebrush. We chose this particular plant not only for the beautiful shades of pinks, but also because they seem to emerge at the same time we should all begin drinking Rosé - early spring!

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