Special announcement concerning COVID-19

We are following new state restrictions and federal precautions to help stymie the spread of covid-19. We thank you for your support and understanding during this time and hope you all stay safe and healthy.

We WILL BE OPEN Saturday1 to 6pm for walk up, take-away business. You may also pull up curbside. Otherwise, we are sadly closed - see below for great opportunities. SATURDAY MENU IS HERE (we will also have all our tinned items available, there's just too many to list

  • We are offering shipping deals - here

  • In addition, if you live with in a 5 mile radius of downtown Prosser, we are offering free daily wine drop off (except Saturday & Sunday) to either your business or home - orders must be placed before noon to guarantee same day delivery.

  • Tri-Cities delivery dates are Thursday & Friday (again, orders placed before noon appreciated to guarantee delivery same day)

  • Delivery includes any item in our shop or any of our wines

  • If you'd like to pick up your wine curbside, we can make it happen with a schedule time. We're working on a set schedule.

  • We're working on our shop - stay tuned for more listings of gourmet food products that can be shipped anywhere in the lower 48. You can also select 'will call' in the shop and we will be contact with you regarding delivery or pick up.

  • Stay tuned to this page for weekly special packs (great gift for someone to brighten their day during this trying time).


We thank you for your support and look forward to hosting you in our Tasting Room once again.



What are these? Killer deals on delivered or shipped items. Limited availability, however if these sell well, we'll keep ordering some of these products, which would be win-win for all of us (help us support some of these great businesses, help support us, get some great food and wine in your hands).

Wine club members - we apologize as there's not an extra special deal on any of these for you, as we've already marked these down to our lowest.

To order - please email rachel@wautomsprings.com - we apologize that we're somewhat low-tech and in/out all the time to catch phone calls. Once you order, you'll receive an invoice from us, once paid, we'll schedule the pickup/drop off. 

Rosé all Day - CASE OF ROSÉ 

This week we're doing it different and thinking bulk - cases of 2018 Rosé heavily discounted to bring some cheer to all of you! This pretty wine is not only pretty in in the bottle, but it smells pretty and it's pretty good too - dry with notes of crushed red fruits (strawberries, raspberries), white tea, and slight herb notes. Enjoy by itself (Rosé all day isn't just fun to say, but it's true - great for brunch, lunch, linner, and dinner), or with light dishes like simple pastas, salads, and roasted veggies. 

Regular retail price: $17/bottle (all discounts are based off this price)


30% online and free shipping - visit here

40% online and free shipping for wine club members - (check your  email or ask rache)

40% discount

50% discount  for wine club members

Next week we'll be back to fun combo packs that feature both food and wine (we sold out of stuff, so we need to order!)