Italian anchovies fished off the Amalfi Coast get a lively kick of from hot pepper paste. Whole (bone-in) salt-cured anchovies are marinated in olive oil and sweet, smoky chile paste, allowing the heat of the pepperoncini to marry with the sharp brininess of the fish. These fiery yet well-balanced anchovies make a wonderful addition to pasta sauces, soups and stews. Add a burst of heat to classic anchovy-centric dishes such as Caesar salad and puttanesca sauce. Or, lay fillets atop a crusty piece of bread slathered with unsalted butter for a simple snack or appetizer.


IASA Anchovies in Spicy Olive Oil

  • Salted Cured Anchovies, Crushed Chili, Olive Oil, Tomatoes, Salt

  • 7.05 oz