We were sent this chocolate bar as a sample and while we love a good dark chocolate bar we shrugged it off before we tried it. It's dark chocolate, sure it's good - but any different than most?

Uh, we were wrong. Not only is this bar incredibly good, it showcases its terrior as much as a fine wine.

From Peru, this chocolate bar features notes of lemongrass and peach, and while 70% dark, it's not bitter.

Husband and wife team, Tom & Monica, have devoted their process to producing the single best origin bars they can, and are succeeding, winning multiple awards. They take this process a step further than almost all chocolate producers - they produce not only their own chocolate from bean, but coca butter from bean. 

Chocolate lover's take note - this is a must to add to your chocolate collection, and a great gift for those chocolate lovers in your life.

Vegan | Soy free | Gluten Free may contain trace amounts of peanuts and tree nuts

Goodnow Farms Ucayali 70%