This bar is good - very good! But don't just take our tastebuds for it - it's won the Gold Sofi award and many other international chocolate medals.

The cacao for this multiple award-winning origin comes from the jungles of Peru. The Ucayali river is one of the major headwaters of the Amazon, and the farmers living along its shores grow several varieties of fine flavor cacao. They bring the cacao on boats to our partners at Ucayali River Cacao, where the beans are expertly fermented and dried at their new facility. This extremely well balanced bar is floral and herbal, with notes of lemon verbena and fig.  

Handcrafted single origin chocolate. Made with freshly pressed cocoa butter.  

From the producer:
We make single origin chocolate, which means we use beans from one farm or region to create each variety of bar. We do this because different cacao beans, much like wine grapes or coffee beans, have different flavors. Discovering these amazing flavors is one of the true joys of eating single origin chocolate bars!

Goodnow Farms Chocolate - Peru Ucayali 70%