This sauce has been around since the late 1800s - a tavern in Barcelona (Tavern Espinaler), became well known for this tangy sauce that they put on everything. Today they ship their sauce around the world, along with some of their delicious conservas.

This version is newer to their line up and it is spicy (although as we like to say around here Spanish spicy, not Mexican spicy - it's got a bit of heat to it but you don't need to be a spice head to enjoy it, and if you are a spice head, it may be a touch too mild for you [although we suggest giving it a go as it's got such great flavor and nice touches of vinegar it really brings things to life]). 

Enjoy on a wide variety of foods - tinned seafood, chips, olives, salads, sandwiches, eggs, beans - your imagination is the limit. 

Espinaler Salsa (Spicy)

  • vinegar, red pepper, cayenne pepper and spices

  • 3.1 oz