This sauce has been around since the late 1800s - a tavern in Barcelona (Tavern Espinaler), became well known for this tangy sauce that they put on everything. Today they ship their sauce around the world, along with some of their delicious conservas.

This version is the original. Mild (really, truly) - with great vinegar notes and a paprika spice. Great on chips, salads, olives, tinned seafood, sandwiches, fried eggs, beans - list is limitless. The way we like to discribe it is that it reminds us of a very well known hot sauce that starts with a "T" and ends with a "co" - only it's not spicy and has more falvor (no shame to this famous hot sauce, but you know, you call it like you see em, and all hot sauces have their place in our book).

Espinaler Salsa

  • Vinegar, Red pepper, and spices

  • 3.1 oz