We might have another favorite tinned seafood brand (we'll make you search for that) but Espinaler might be a close second, especially for value per dollar. What began as a tavern offering bites and wine, Espinaler grew to producing their own tinned seafood line (and sauce - also available from us) to offer at their tavern and then grew to offer it beyond. 

Mussles are the speciality in Galcia, and it shows (and we'll be the first to admidt we were a tad hesistant on canned mussels - now they're our favorite). These are cooked perfectly (not rubbery, not firm, not chewy - just perfect) and tinned with a paprika sauce that's delicious. We love these strait out of the tin (get some bread to dip in that sauce), or also makes a quick, easy, dinner with some freshly cooked pasta and a salad. 

Espinaler Mussels in Sauce

  • mussels, sunflower oil, wine vinegar, salt, spices.

  • 4oz