A $14 chocolate bar (or some places it's $18)? Yep. Why? Because it's sourced from a specific village  - Chuao, Venezuela - known for maintaing specific, heritage cacao beans, farmed by a cooperative of mostly women. These are expensive beans. They're also incredibly good.

If you're not familar with the Amedei name, it's considered one of the best chocolate companies in the world, and many people declare this specific bar, the best. 

Only 20,000 of these bars are made, each bar is hand numbered. It's a special treat and worth every penny. We say - treat yourself!

The name Chuao brings to mind the legend of Mayan cocoa, the sacred drink from the primeval earthly paradise where the “food of the gods” used to grow. Chuao was a true challenge for Amedei: difficult to purchase and process, this wild bean needed to be “tamed” as no-one had ever tasted it in its pure form. After an aging period of 20 days, this chocolate – unlike any other – keeps developing its taste, improving its acidity and aroma.

Aromatic profile: notes of red fruits, cocoa and honey

Amedei Chuao 70%